Metal Roofing Services



Metal Roofing Services

Many different types of Custom Metal Roof systems are available.

Stout Roofing is an expert in metal roofing systems. Stout Roofing owns its own electronic break, hydraulic sheer and portable electronic panel machine capable of being taken to the job site to roll your roof panel to the right size on site.

There are many benefits to choosing a metal roofing system:

Long Lasting Investment – the average lifespan of a quality metal roofing system is 50+ years. While the up-front investment to purchase the metal roofing system may be higher than other roofing systems, there are few roofing systems that will give you as long a lifespan as a quality metal roof.

Durability – If properly constructed and installed a metal roof holds strong and protects your home against extreme temperatures, high winds, hail and more. It also requires minimal maintenance.

Consider the Environment – The metal roofing components are 100% recyclable. Metal roofs can often be installed over the top of the existing roofing system. Stout Roofing regularly installs new metal roofs over the top of shingle roofs. This is eco-friendly to the environment and to your wallet as you do not have to pay to remove that old shingle roof.

Energy Savings – Metal is a reflective roof surface. Where a lot of other roof systems absorb heat, your new metal roof will reflect that heat away, keeping your home cooler and lowering your energy bills.

Stout Roofing offers a variety of panel types and styles:

3′ Rib Panel – This panel is 3’ wide with 9” between spaced ribs and comes in many color options. It is a 29ga steel panel that typically is the least expensive panel option.

3’ R Panel – This panel is also 3’ wide but has 12” between spaced ribs and comes in a thicker gauge metal at 26ga steel. The R Panel also comes in many color options. 

16” Standing Seam – This panel is between 15.5” & 16” depending on manufacturer with a 1.25” tall standing seam. This also comes in a 26 gauge steel and come in many colors. The biggest difference is that the majority of the fasteners are hidden underneath the seam and the panels lock together.

To learn more about metal roofing system, give Stout Roofing a call today or fill out the form below to schedule a consultation to go over all of your options.

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